Saturday, August 13, 2011

Club events

So here is what we have planned for the new semester so far.

8/25 at MEC 302J
Zeroth meeting:
This will be a good time to talk about what we want to accomplish in the semester, Activities, Projects, etc.

Dunk The Dean
We're going to have a table with a canopy, small fliers to hand out, two ps3's running Linux, and some poster board display highlighting projects and future events.

8/30 10 am to 2
Student Organization Fair
We've not planned much for this but I think it's vitally important that we be at this event to gain more members and network with other clubs.

Meet and Greet
We'll be handing out flyers all over campus and finding other ways to promote this event. I want to get as many people as possible to attend. The event will be catered in a reserved room at the student union.

9/8 11am-5pm at the atrium
Linux Install Fest
This is the same event that the CS Club has been doing every semester. Helping spread the message of Open Source.

days of code
Days of code should be a weekly event where everybody gets together to work on projects that may or may not be class related. We'll club announcements, and someone might make a presentation on a subject or a project. I think I'd like to do a javascript programming workshop for beginners to get new people into programming as a hobby.

If you have any input or ideas please chime in. I really want to make this club the biggest deal ever. :)

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