Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poor old dusty cs blog

I thought I might try to give an update on the state of the club and plans for the future.

First of all, there is a LAN party scheduled for Friday, November 11 from 5 to 11 in simplot c. Bring your rig, hook it up, and start playing. We'll also have an XBox 360 and I'm bringing my ps2. Please let us know on Facebook, groupspaces or email if you'd like to attend.

We have had good attendance for our regular meetings. It's been a great time for us to get together, talk, and maybe take care of some business if there is any.

We need to work more on promotion and recruiting and we're taking steps to make that happen. Balancing schoolwork and club work has proved to be a challenge.

Our main game dev project has changed. While I don't want to discourage those who want to continue making the blender game I think the learning curve for beginning CS students is a little high. We're now working on Mecha-Pega-Pony-Corn, a silly but simple 2D platformer in Java. I think it might be easier to recruit artists, musicians, and writers to this simple project as well. And of course, we could always use more coders!

I have great hopes for the web dev club. We are working on the new web site and expect to secure funding for hosting and a new domain name soon. Perhaps we can get the security group going again to make sure this thing doesn't get hacked.

I've been talking with one local company about setting up a presentation on databases, hopefully that will happen soon. There's another CS Extras event coming up this wednesday. RSVP's will be open to more than just beginning students soon I expect.

For the future I would like us to get to a point where we have speakers an events lined up with advertising ready to go throughout the semester. For the more immediate future I've just been contacted by the Some of the other engineering clubs about a multiple club event during dead week. We also wanted to have a movie night soon. I'll let you know what's up as soon as I find out. (After homework is done. :) )

I hope your studies are going well.

Have fun,

Steve Smith VP of the BSU CS Club.

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